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19-05-05 by Sam

Neither of us actually watched the show, for fear that today's comic would come true. I am aware that the strip's comedic offerings are decidedly sub-par, but I felt it was necessary.  For the good of all mankind.

Normally, I’m lucky if I’m thinking two days ahead of myself, as far as these comics go. I’m essentially in a constant state of panic about where and when the next idea is going to hit me, and how then to convert it into something that could be construed as “funny” by people vastly unlike myself. You know: well balanced; developed senses of humour; pants.

However, I can now say, with full confidence, that I have a whole two weeks worth of material resting comfortably under my belt. This is thanks not only to James, my synergetic partner in comicry (who remains belligerently opposed to penning his own thoughts for your scrolling pleasure), but now Slopes himself has taken the time to both learn the English language and collect several of these innovative new words together into a surprisingly coherent series of comic scripts. Watch out for them over the coming weeks.

Normally I like to keep my musical preferences to myself. Largely because of the looks I get when people find out that a white guy listens to Primus. But for Saul Williams, I’m going to make an exception. Here goes:

Right now I’m listening to Saul Williams.

Every now and then something comes along and tells me that rap and hip-hop aren’t totally worthless genres solely concerned with the acquisition of bling-bling (hereafter referred to as money) and pussy (hereafter referred to as squanch). This time around, it’s the most recent album from Saul Williams, cryptically titled “Saul Williams”, that grabbed my attention and started tugging. It’s a little rough, and squeezes a little too hard, but still gets the job done quite nicely. And Zack, it’s awesome to hear you again.  We'd better hear more of you soon.

Until next time, to be yourself is all that you can do.

Well put, if I do say so myself.


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