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21-05-05 by Sam

Does the artwork in today’s comic look recycled to you? I thought so. It’s been a busy week. So count yourself fucking lucky that there were any new comics this week.

Do you want to know what I did with myself this week? Who gives a fuck? Correct.

What I’m actually going to indulge you in today is Part One of our one part series detailing how a Slopes and Sam comic gets concocted, and the miracle that is collaboration, entitled “Sam and James Bump Uglies”. That’s right; I’m talking about our brains.

It begins, as all things do, with an e-mail:

TO: Sam

FROM: James

sam: "do you think the holocaust really happened?"

slopes: "do you really expect me to answer that?"

sam: "no."

slopes: "i love free speech."

i think this is ok, but if you really wanted to end it with a whammy:

sam: "i love pork."

This is a first draft script, written entirely by James, and I’d describe it as “too clever for its own good, and highly offensive”. Admittedly, this is exactly what the comic is supposed to be. That sentence pretty much describes our mission statement. You remember the whole mission statement thing? It was in that movie Jerry McGuire. Yeah, I hated it too.

At this point, I feel the need to add my own distinct flavour to the comic. In today’s case, some shit about the moon landing. Buzz Aldrin is turning in his grave.

And there you have it. A comic from conception to delivery. Minus all the stuff I left out.



23-05-05 by James

Hi. My name is James. I am 23 and have a job. That’s why my writing is less prolific than Sam’s, although I’ve always liked to think it was slightly better.

Today’s comic is quite good.

For my first and perhaps sole “editorial”, I would like to discuss advertising. Consider the advert above this comic. I bet you haven’t even considered clicking it. Even if it said something like “Turn lead to gold” or “Click here not to get herpes (genital)” you still wouldn’t. Neither would I.

Thus, I have proved the advertising industry fruitless and not worthy of further attention.

This is actually quite fun. I wonder if anyone other than Sam will read this? (It’s not in Korean or whatever, so Slopes has no chance. Sayonara dude). Anyway, thanks for your time. Hopefully Sam will let me write another one of these before we suffer “creative differences” and he gets sand in his vagina.



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