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10-06-05 by Sam

Am I the only one who wants to sink his teeth into that bicep?  I thought not.

Yes, I have received complaints about the declining muscle mass of our two heroes.  I was heading towards a more cartoonish look for my severely mis-labelled art, but it has occurred to me that in real life, Slopes and I are two relatively proportional human beings.  It seems only fair that the comic should reflect this, in a drastically exaggerated manner.

I mean really, what did I start producing a comic for, if not to get laid?  Social satire?  Political commentary?  You can do that at home, with your own mouth.

No, what we're offering here is something so much better: shameless self-promotion.  Better for us, that is.  Not for you.

Actually, today's comic is possibly my favourite so far.  Usually whichever comic I've just uploaded is my favourite so far.  This time, however, I really mean it.  It looks good; like the little burst of colour in your eye the moment before you have a stroke.  It reads well; as though it were written by someone whose first language was English.  And it...well, that's really all that can be said.  It's a fucking webcomic, after all.  But that's more than you can say about the Mona Lisa, or 1984.

Due to some unforeseen stupidity on my part, I'm going through a short period of relative blindness while I wait for a new set of contacts.  What this means is that I have to spend more time making each comic, and by the time I get around to writing this garbage, my eyes are aching like a pair of neglected testicles.  So today's editorial, and the last, and probably those written over the next week or so, will be shorter, but not sweeter, than previous efforts.  I'll apologise now, then never again.

But your day hasn't turned completely gloomy.  Slopes confessed to me during our last international phone call that he's thinking of writing an editorial of his own.  Guaranteed to be more compelling than his poetry, which we can all agree is like a buzz-saw directly to the medula oblongata.


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