The harsh reality
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28-05-05 by Sam

This week may as well have been called Slopes Week.  Not because racists everywhere came out of the woodwork and were nice to Asians for seven days only.  No.  No no no.  Rather it's because my own American sponsor child, the actual Slopes, wrote every comic this week.  Today's example is titled the "harsh reality" because this is much closer to one of our actual conversations that anything that's previously been represented.

I was also hoping that some of you will project a clever double meaning onto the title, and walk away thinking that I'm smarter than I really am.  Smarter than you, at least.

As for the I the only one who entertains the idea that the Universe can't wait to get rid of us?  That the human race is like that guy you invite into your wine club, only to discover that after a few glasses he's abusing your friends, leering at your wife and saying inappropriate things to you daughter?

Alright, seriously, how many of you are actually in a wine club?  Come on, hands up.

I thought so.

In other news, apparently Slopes and Sam has actually become ever so slightly popular.  We've even started receiving fan mail.  Only a few pieces so far, but I've also had my first look at the statistics for this page, and apparently we're averaging 155 hits per hour.

Now, that might be standard for the average webcomic.  I wouldn't know, I've only been in this "business" a month.  Maybe that's a woefully small number of hits.  But it's about 155 hits more than I expected.  I'd like to ask "what is wrong with you people?", but I think that question just winds up reflecting poorly on me.

So instead I'll say "thanks".  Keep spreading the word.  We'll keep making comics.  If this ever becomes profitable, I may even start sticking to my schedule.  Jesus, we may even start merchandising.  I've always thought that the world needed more Che Guevara T-shirts.

It's probably necessary to add the caveat that we're not actually going to do anything like that until we're certain there's a market for it.  So unless you want to give us money for free, put your purses away.  Now.


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