A Dangerous Precedent
The Comic

25-06-05 by Sam

To post a new comic after more than year is dangerous indeed, as it suggests that there might be further poorly-drawn delights in the pipeline.

Well, I can put your suspicious to bed right now by saying that they are dead wrong.

But...things are afoot. Even now, clandestine e-mails are being sent back and forth between myself and an as-yet-unknown party. International phone calls have been made, during which Slopes and I discussed topics that would make even ECHELON blush. Things are afoot.

As for today's comic? Well yes, it does lack a certain something. I can put my finger on it - I do so with some regularity - it's that it lacks our intrepid protagonists. Namely, Slopes and I. Instead, we opted to use those classic secondary characters God and his trusty sidekick Gabriel, to tell yet another part of what I like to call "The Greatest Story Ever Told".

Soon enough, the curtain will rise, and the peep-show you will witness will leave you pale, sweaty, and unable to attain an erection for days to come. Keep an eye on this site.


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